Description: The eCommerce Fulfillment Associate is responsible for processing and fulfilling online MSP merchandise orders.  As a Fulfillment Associate, you are responsible for purchasing quality market goods, preparing orders for shipping, and ensuring our customers enjoy the WOW factor when receiving their order. Your role as a Fulfillment Associate is essential to the client experience. This position reports to the Founder + Director.

General Information:

How to Apply: Send email submissions with your resume, portfolio, website, and/or social media handles to info@spiritedpursuit(dot)com

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Based in Dakar, Senegal

Commitment: Part-time; available 10-15 hours per week

Compensation: 4,000 CFA per hour (paid weekly); transportation stipend

Language: Fluent in English, French & Wolof

Application Deadline: Until Filled



  • Very comfortable and familiar with navigating various markets, postal offices, and other administrative offices in Dakar.
  • Familiarity with SpiritedPursuit.com, MarcheSpiritedPursuit.com, and their related social media platforms.
  • Solution driven individual with strong ability to take initiative with a high level of attention to detail.
  • Resourceful and innovative problem-solver with an enthusiastic, fun, go-getter attitude.
  • Experience with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Indesign appreciated but not required.
  • Fast learner with ability to quickly adapt to new technology and digital platforms.
  • Ability to stay organized, motivated, and maintain high level of urgency.
  • Experience managing inventory and/or working in fulfillment or retail.
  • Proven ability to work in a fast paced and changing environment.


  • Inspect all market goods to ensure quality, then make all weekly inventory purchases quickly, efficiently and accurately to meet order turnaround standards and expectations.
  • Work closely with and assist Director to identify new vendors and resolve vendor challenges on the ground to exceed customer expectations and meet team goals. 
  • Ensure all goods are allocated to the correct shipment order and mailing address and verify all MSP post cards are written and addressed to the correct customer.
  • Manage and maintain inventory of all packaging + shipping materials (MSP post cards, plastic wrapping) to avoid gaps and delays in shipping operations.
  • Package, organize, and ship all orders in a timely fashion on a weekly basis to meet and exceed delivery expectations.
  • Learn point-of-sale operations and process out orders on a weekly basis efficiently as they are submitted.
  • Photograph color variety of market items currently available from vendors to provide to customers.


  • Keen sense of pride in their work
  • Reliable with excellent attendance and timekeeping
  • Must be able to read, write and take direction in English
  • Prior experience working in a team environment and independently
  • Inquisitive; high level of curiosity with drive to see projects to completion
  • Self-driven, strong initiative – keen to learn, ability to multi-task, maintain organization, and deliver multiple projects at once.