Have you traveled to a destination off the beaten path? Did you take breathtaking images you would like to share? Do you have insightful information on a specific culture or cultural event? If yes - please share! SP is actively looking to feature travelers who have visited interesting areas of the world and want to share their experiences. While all submissions are welcome, we are particularly interested in travelers with dynamic stories and captivating photography.

LOCAL EXPERTs/city guides

Any traveler can visit the classic touristic attractions of a city; but here we want the local expert's perspective. Do you know a city well? Do you have interesting stories, local advice & tips, and/or insightful information that would be helpful to future travelers? If you have your finger on the pulse of a city and would like to share your curated insider tips, we want to feature you! Share your local photography and recommendations on the best places to eat, explore, and experience your city with our community!

"How to" travel resources

It's important that we not only inspire new adventures but also inform on how to make those new adventures possible. Do you have insight on how best to save up for a trip? Have you moved to a foreign country and have lessons learned you can share? Have your experiences made you an expert on a particular travel related topic? We want to feature advice from your personal travel experiences on the HOW to aspect of living an adventurous life - because sharing is caring!  

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