Ever seen the maps most travelers use to show the countries they've visited? Notice anything interesting? I have - Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America are always well plotted on these maps. But they never seem to include Africa...why? My guess: a lack of accurate representation. And for the few that do visit, it's almost always for missionary work or safari adventures. Neither of which are bad - there's just so much more to see and experience! 

Africa is in dire need of rebranding and to be captured through inspired eyes. I wanted to be part of that rebrand by sharing my personal stories and genuine experiences as a solo female traveler throughout the continent. So I decided to quit my corporate finance job and move back and travel throughout the continent. To make it all happen, I saved up, sold all of my belongings, and took a major leap of faith. I know, I know - you think I'm crazy.

You're probably wondering why I'm doing this. And for me, the answer is simple: Africa needs more Africans to tell the world her story. To experience her endless offerings firsthand and capture her diverse beauty accurately. And most importantly, to create content that inspires and informs on how you too can come experience it all for yourself.

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